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Wood Assure 1 is a concentrate. It Mixes 1:1 with water.  ONE GALLON makes TWO GALLONS. ONE PINT makes TWO PINTS. Wood Assure is the best Zero Voc Wood Stain engineered for exterior wood staining. It is non flammable, very low odor and easy to apply to Large areas, such as Siding, Barns and Fences. Large wooden structures can be protected easily and economically.

Made from durable, inorganic calcium hydroxide, which is specially bound with other earth oxide minerals to form a powerful stain impervious to harsh UV and IR radiation from sunlight. It is absolutely fantastic in high mold settings. When exposed to moisture we use Mountain XT or Wood Assure 2 to topcoat the minerals and provide the best of water, mold and sun protection.

BACKGROUND of WOOD ASSURE 1: For a healthy earth, sustainability and chemical sensitivity reasons, there is good logic to embrace the power of Lime. Lime and wood have been friends since before man. For hundreds of years farmers have used lime to kill mold in barns and to protect from harsh sun outside. While it worked great at first, those older methods had some weaknesses. Earthpaint has worked tirelessly for many years to remove the weaknesses and improve on the strengths of Lime. Not easy but worth it! The great popularity of Lime Prime is one example. Out of this incredible natural mold abatement technology sprang the advanced zero voc lime based wood stain we call Wood Assure 1. 

DESCRIPTION: Wood Assure 1 is the first part of this state of the art natural exterior stain system (see Top Coating below). It is provided in a heavy duty, concentrated formula that gets mixed 1:1 with water. This cuts down on shipping and material expense. Wood Assure 1 is the best natural exterior stain that contains zero voc. Using advanced inorganic mineral technology, Wood Assure 1 is as impervious to harsh sunlight uv radiation as a rock is. With no carbon molecule to degrade the mineral composition is able to withstand severe climates. Infrared radiation and high heat surfaces benefit from the cooling effect of Cool Whitewash, so does the earths atmosphere. The UV and IR radiation is reflected off the surface and back out to space where it belongs.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Siding, Barns, Fences, Severe Mold and Sunlight Decks. 

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: Varies based on porosity and density of surface. 300-600 sft / gallon when it is mixed with one gallon of water. So to cover 400 sft you only need to buy one gallon and mix it 1:1 with water.

DILUTION REQUIRED: Mix 1:1 with water before using. Product is a concentrated paste and must be mixed with water before using.

WATER PROTECTIVE TOP COATING: Mountain XT or Wood Assure 2. Siding, barns and such that aren't getting constant heavy exposure to rain and water do not necessarily need a top coat. Most barns do not get topcoated and do excellent. We have seen high mold area barns last over 10 years with one coat of Wood Assure and no return of mold. Topcoating can be determined after the first coat of Wood Assure 1 is applied.