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Aqualine Satin Floor Finish: A hard, fast drying, low odor, safe floor finish for homes and businesses. This is the most scuff resistant satin finish we have seen. Within two coats it can build up, fill in grooves and crevices. The third coat provides a super durable, long lasting floor finish that can handle the heaviest family or small business traffic.

OAK FLOOR STAIN CHART - PDFnon toxic floor finish


SheenNatural Satin Floor Finish.

Theoretical Coverage Rough Wood200-300 sft / g

Theoretical Coverage Smooth Wood500-600 sft / gl

Coats Required: Typically 3 on raw wood high traffic residential / small business floors. 4 coats commercial. 5 coats gym floors and industrial traffic. 

Method of Application: Floor Mop, T-Bar, brush or spray (.011 to .017 tip or finer)

Dry TimeVaries by climate. Typically 4 hours. Open opposing windows to cross-ventilate. 

Recoat: 4-6 hours or when dry. Lightly sand floor finish between coats with 120-150 or 220 grit depending on level of smoothness desired.

Return to Use: 24 hours. Crossventilate with fresh air to improve curing.

Application Temperature: Apply and maintain temperature above 60F for 24 hours.

Clean Up: Water.

DilutionNone necessary. We add 16 oz of water to a gallon when staining wood with Aqualine Satin so that it has longer open working time. 

Staining: Keep a wet edge at all times, work few boards across the room at time, work your way out the door. Add 16oz of water per gallon to help keep a wet edge. This will help prevent premature drying since that can cause lap marks. 

Odor: Smell in the room that nightHardly detectable. Smell after 24 hours: difficult to detect. Drop cloths, dust and work tools should be removed before assessing any sensitivities to odors.

Chemical Sensitivities: There is no one single solution for everyone. We have several options for this reason. Aqualine Satin has worked well for people with severe chemical sensitivities, especially if odor and voc is an issue. Sample pints are recommended to test in advance. Create a full sample board with all the coats being used, let it dry for a day and then show to whomever may be sensitive. If everyone loves it and feels good then it's probably the right thing. 

Dust is another factor. Work dust carries many irritants. Work tools also introduce potential irritants, especially drop cloths, fabric, used brushes... These are all good reasons to cross ventilate any jobsite / room for 24 hours. Our basic precaution with Earthpaint products is for the Chemically Sensitive person to come back a day after the work is done. This has worked very well for many years.

VOC: <40 g/L

MaintenanceFor daily cleaning us Earth Clean diluted as indicated for floor washing. To touch up or recoat, lightly sand any rough or loose areas, wash with Earth Clean and recoat as needed.

LimitationsMaintain application temperature above 60F. Use on Raw wood, over NanoTech or Easy Safe or over itself only. Do not apply over oil based stains or other existing finishes*. 

*RECOATING A WOOD FLOOR WITHOUT SANDING: If you are refinishing an old floor with an existing finish or using an oil based stain, Test out a small area with NanoTech Floor Finish for your first "Clear" coat in these situations. NanoTech works on almost any finish we have tried it on. If it is acceptable for your tests then mop Aqualine Satin Floor Finish over NanoTech Clear 00. This is a super durable finish, suitable for residential and commercial floors. It allows you to recoat existing floors and oil based stains without the need for toxic oil based finishes. It can also help illuminate deeper wood grains since there will be a crystal clear coat between the floor and the satin finish topcoat.