Expedited Shipping must be checked in advance through our Support portal.

* In Checkout: "Free" Placeholders are not Free Products. These temporary placeholders are for shipping color. The Cart shows order and price as placed. Checkout splits items for shipping purposes. The final price will be the total for items placed in the Cart.

Orders placed by 11am will generally ship the next business day. We must ship using our factory protocols, NOT necessarily the method chosen at checkout.  SHIPPING POLICY  

Expect Colorant in separate packaging (please read the 5 basic Categories below). 

Returns & Refunds

  1. Unopened, untinted product can be returned within 14 days of receipt.
  2. Earthpaint will pay shipping costs if the return is caused by our error.
  3. Email us through our Support portal to initiate a return.
  4. Returns are inspected upon receipt and refunds are given based on condition of product.
  5. The purchasers Earthpaint account will be credited unless Earthpaint made an error in which case the customer credit card will be reimbursed.
  6. There is a 20% restocking fee for returns unless there was a mistake on the part of Earthpaint for the order.

Packaging Specifics

  1. Final Shipping method / carrier must be determined by our shipping department. Pricing determined online will be honored although we may use a different carrier as needed. We must adhere to shipping regulations and internal shipping protocols. 
  2. Gallons and Fives typically ship via Fed Ex. (These ship separately from the colorant for safety, customization and return purposes.)
  3. Most gallons ship two to a box. 
  4. Pints always ship pre-tinted.
  5. Colorant Containers and Pints always ship via USPS. 
  6. EXPEDITED SHIPPING: As highlighted above, we cannot Expedite online orders. Our factories primarily are working with drum, tote and pallet quantities. If a project is time sensitive please email us the details so we can see if it is possible to meet the timeframe.
  7. "USPS PRIORITY" - is a basic method. We don't consider this a guaranteed expedited method. Sometimes they say "2 days" which is sometimes wrong. USPS offers an actual guaranteed OVERNIGHT expedited rate which is much more expensive. Please be aware that we use USPS for certain light items typically and that they are not much different than Fed Ex Home Delivery in terms of speed for some ship zones (not all). 

Cancelling or Fixing Orders (email ASAP)

  1. If an error is made during ordering (address, email, duplicate order...) and needs to be fixed or cancelled simply email us before it ships through our Contact page. We will fix if possible or provide full reimbursement to the credit card used. Normal cancellations like this do not incur any fees and addresses are easy to fix. 
  2. If an order is placed and is then for some reason cancelled after shipping, a fee must be charged to cover processing fees and labor involved. A 10% fee will be charged for orders of this sort. Our plants open at 5am and the shipping process begins automatically. 
  3. TERMS must be accepted or the Cart won't allow Checkout. Since we are a factory direct, online company, orders are automated. Nobody is manning the phones 24/7, so please, keep this in mind when ordering. [We cannot always provide immediate, personalized responses to emails even though the order may be cancelled or changed in the system, we will respond but please give us some time.]

Technical Consultant Requests

  1. Project Specific Advice is begun by email and responded to by appropriate experienced coatings professionals. Order Support staff will not give technical advice. Even if a question seems simple, it often is not simple. Some of our customers are in secure or sensitive areas, healthcare environments or suffering illness and chemical sensitivities. We want professional project specific advice offered.
  2. Proper consideration of the factors involved takes time. We cannot respond with quick generalizations due to the nature of the coatings we provide. Immediate answers can often be found on product pages and through sample pints.
Privacy Policy
  1. No Spam. Customer information is guarded securely and never given out for any purpose other than to fulfill orders. Not marketing. Not sold. Not for email lists. Customer data is not used for anything except orders. The TV shows and public profile companies that are shown using our products online are only those who wanted to publicly help promote Earthpaint.
  2. We do not store financial data. If this is offered in checkout that data will be secured by the financial institution. 
  3. Phone numbers are required and used strictly for order fulfillment only.
  4. Email is required. Please, be accurate or notifications will fail.
  5. Fed Ex and other shippers request phone numbers to insure packages are delivered.
  6. Customers can choose if they would like to receive any marketing materials during checkout.


*Orders with Color options may show the primary product as "Free". This is a placeholder for shipping only. Obviously, free products would not be sustainable. The Cart will display the exact order and items placed in the cart. Checkout will split items that need separate shipping methods. Instead of charging twice for the main item a placeholder may say free or $0.00. (Shipping coatings is quite complex, so this placeholder is necessary).