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This is a state of the art, naturally derived, highly concentrated cleaner. When diluted with water it allows for oil based brushes to be washed with water. Strong enough to degrease an engine yet safe enough to be used to wash a deck or house and rinsed off near a garden. Made from natural and sustainable ingredients such as citrus and potassium silicate and mixes with water to create a cleaner for all occasions. Even glass!

BI ANNUAL HOUSE WASH: We add one quart Earth Clean to a gallon of water to make a strong house wash. Earth Clean is recommended as a biannual house wash to help prevent mold / mildew and algae stains. By washing the natural grease, dirt, pollen, dead grass and leaf debris off the surface we can remove the potential food sources that mold and mildew thrive on. A simple but strong washing twice a year such as this will help prolong the life of finishes.

HOUSEHOLD CLEANER: We pour one pint into a five gallon pail of water to make Five Gallons of household cleaner. This is then used for regular cleaning duties such as in spray bottles for hard surfaces in the shop or kitchen and such. One gallon makes up to 42 gallons of household cleaner. 

WOOD FLOOR CLEANER: Half a pint into 2.5 gallons of water makes good strong cleaning solution for most wood floors. A full pint into 2.5 gallon of water works great for very dirty areas like work shops, dog kennels, mud rooms, garage floors...

FULL STRENGTH: Despite it's pleasant odor and natural and sustainable properties, Earth Clean is very strong and if used full strength, it should be used with caution. Full strength Earth Clean will strip grease from a motor easily. It's that strong. If using full strength, test in a small area before using.