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mold clean up paint
Lime Prime is America's best paint for mold remediation projects. Lou Manfredini showed it to Kathie Lee and Hoda on the TODAY SHOW. Thanks to everyone at NBC for spreading the word!

LIME PRIME - Directly covers mold stains and resists deterioration by mold fungus.  A paint that can be applied directly over Mold and Mildew stains on mold abatement / mold remediation projects. ZERO VOC. This product uses the power of lime instead of conventional chemical biocides like butyl carbamate. Works naturally to keep coated surfaces clean from Mold and Mildew. We've seen it stay clean for well over 7 years! Mineral Based. Breathable. Non Flammable. 

This is not a paint loaded with excessive chemical biocides and called a mold killing paint. It is a naturally derived mineral paint that absorbs CO2, has Zero Voc and continues to remain clean from mold even after many chemical biocides loose efficacy. As a precautionary step, many Custom Home Builders will set aside a day to spray the Wall Cavities and Building Frame before the drywall gets hung. Simple, easy and effective.

Lime has been used for centuries to kill mold but a typical lime wash has disadvantages. Dangerous chemicals have historically been used to compensate for some of these disadvantages. There is a better way. Instead of forcing chemical solutions for natural problems, we find nature has provided better solutions. Lime Prime is the result! It's an amazing whitewash primer for the whole house and the best thing we've ever seen for mold clean up projects. No ethylene glycol!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Drywall, Concrete and Wood. 

TRUSTED ON PROJECTS INCLUDING: Mold Abatement and Remediation Projects, Custom Home Building Frames and Wall Cavities, Flood Damage Restoration, Beachfront Buildings, Offshore Oil Rigs, Industrial Manufacturing Facilities, Military Bases & Barracks, Underground Facilities, University Projects, Government Mold / Mildew Clean Up Projects, Residential-Commercial Drywall (front and back), Musty Basements, School Walls & Ceilings, Hospital / Medical Centers, Surgery Centers, Crawl Spaces, Attics, Blue Stained Wood, Winery Vats-Cellars and Storage Rooms, Museum Storage Facilities (Precious Art Long Term Storage Vaults), Antiques Storage Rooms, Yurt Fabrics, Indoor Pool Areas, Yacht Interior and Hull Protection, Commercial Flood Zone Buildings, Commercial Property Management, Low Income Flood Clean Up Projects, Musty Odor Rental Properties... 

Basically, anyplace you can imagine water and mold issues, our customers have found a use for Lime Prime. For professional advice on a specific project, please use The Ask Earthpaint tool or Contact Us and we can help develop the right finish schedule for your project.


Smooth Surfaces: 250-350 Sft. / Gallon (such as painted drywall.)

Rough Surfaces: 100-250 Sft. / Gallon (such as uncoated concrete block).

SPRAYING WALL CAVITIES AND BUILDING FRAME: Approx 275 Sft. / Gallon. Dilute 1.25 Gallon water per Five Gallon Pail ( = 1718 sft / 6 gallons). Est. Cost: $0.17 to $0.20 cents Per Square Foot. 

STIR: Stir with a drill mixer for 3 minutes or until creamy. It is a thick product and Lime can thicken sometimes in the can. It always mixes up into a nice creamy consistency with a good mixing. A stirrer stick or whisk can also be used but takes longer. Pouring the product back and forth into an empty container is another way of mixing. Of these methods a simple paint mixer attachment on a drill is the easiest. 

APPLICATION: Brush, roll or spray. Apply one coat for most areas. Apply two coats for severe areas. 

DILUTION: None necessary. If spraying dilute up to 4:1 ratio by adding 1/2 to 1 Gallon of water to 4 Gallons Lime Prime as needed. Gallons can be diluted 1/2 to 1 quart of water per gallon as needed. 4:1 is a good ratio for spraying Wall Cavities and Frames. 


ODOR: Low. Lime Prime has been found to eliminate musty odors in some of the most severe cases. Sample Pints are recommended for testing in advance. 




UNCOATED: Lime Prime is a breathable, non flammable, inorganic, mineral primer. There are scenarios where these inherent properties are highly beneficial. These scenarios are briefly described below. Always test first if you intend to leave Lime Prime uncoated in a living area where the appearance is important. Ceilings, especially popcorn ceilings are frequently coated with two coats of Lime Prime and the flat Lime usually looks good on these surfaces. But most decorative walls receive a tinted topcoat over Lime Prime.

TOP COATING: Most paints can be used to topcoat Lime Prime. Lime Seal is the best topcoat. Lime Prime has been coated with all sorts of paints over the years. Most often acrylic based contractor paints, especially on large commercial projects. All the paint we have tried work well but we can't test them all. It's best to test other paints first to insure compatibility. Lime Seal works synergistically with Lime Prime so this is the best topcoat for important projects, particularly if it is a demanding exterior surface or an area that needs to be waterproof and mold resistant long term. 

Breathable Primer: Lime Prime x 1 or 2 coats. In areas with severe persistent external moisture infiltrations such as leaky basements, flood zones etc. it may be best to use two coats and leave Lime Prime uncoated. This leaves a breathable surface that won't trap moisture and is easy to keep clean and maintain as needed. 

Waterproof Top Coat: In dry areas without  persistent external moisture infiltrations such as bathrooms, pool areas, shower rooms... Spaces that do not have exterior water, rain or moisture infiltrating from the behind the wall can be topcoated without risk of trapping water / moisture inside the wall. We apply Lime Prime and Lime Seal x 2 coats for these spaces.

Problematic Exteriors: Some windows and exterior areas have had severe moisture / mold issues a long time. Water and mold may have been infiltrating into the substrate for many years. Once these areas are well dried and prepped, it is best to apply two coats of Lime Prime and 2 coats of Lime Seal. This provides superior surface film protection both against the substrate and against the exterior elements. IF the substrate cannot be dried and prepped well, then follow the Breathable Primer instructions above. 

BREATHABLE OR WATERPROOF? When considering top coating it can help to consider how much breath-ability is desired on the surface. One of Lime Prime's great strengths is that it is breathable. It won't trap moisture. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed. On other projects a vapor barrier is the best choice. We can help you make this choice on a project by project basis.

The Basic Rule of Thumb:

a) Breathable: If persistent moisture infiltration is expected into the substrate from the exterior, apply breathable Lime Prime.  b.) Waterproof: If persistent moisture infiltration is expected into the substrate from the interior, apply Lime Prime and waterproof Lime Seal x 2 coats. 

Take a Basement for an example.

a.) If the foundation leaks and rain infiltrates from the exterior, it's best to keep basement walls breathable and not trap water inside walls. b.) If the foundation is dry, the rain water is diverted and the outer foundation is waterproofed but there is a pool inside the basement, then inside of the basement could be made waterproof with Lime Prime and Lime Seal x 2 coats. 

A few general guidelines are:

1. FULL BREATH-ABILITY: Flood damaged basements, crawl spaces, attics and other such areas usually get one or two coats of Lime Prime and no top coat. Most often these areas have Lime Prime sprayed directly over the mold stains. This is especially true if persistent moisture infiltration is expected. For instance, an attic has wet beams and joists installed with mold growing inside of it (very common). The wood gets sprayed with Lime Prime and allowed to dry out with proper attic ventilation. Once dry the wood is touched up if needed where the moisture has safely escaped.   2. WATERPROOF VAPOR BARRIER: Mold infested walls with constant moisture exposure infiltrating from inside the building can colonize mold spores. In this case Lime Prime is coated with Lime Seal x 2 coats. This waterproofs the room and helps keep the wall dry by preventing moisture infiltrating from inside the building and feeding mold. For example, a poorly ventilated bathroom: There is no moisture coming from the exterior of the house. It is all coming from the interior of the house. The bathroom. The shower causes steam which carries organic debris and deposits on the surfaces which all get wet. In this scenario, Lime Prime and Lime Seal x 2 coats will work synergistically to block the water from entering the walls. Organic debris can be washed off the surface with Earth Clean and kept in good condition indefinitely.  Cleaning: We use Earth Clean to clean surfaces. It has many advantages over bleach but is much more pleasant to use. Cleaning is a vital step in preventing mold growth. In areas where these things accumulate frequently, it is important to remove the food source for mold. The reason is that, even if mold spores die on the coated surface, they are crafty buggers and will actually build a bridge above the surface to colonize upon. The bridge forms and expands out as more moisture and organic debris is deposited. So, having a way to keep the surface clean in certain areas that will get constant debris and moisture exposure has proven invaluable when trying to prevent mold growth.  3. SEMI BREATHABLE: Sometimes Lime Prime is applied directly over mold stains and one coat of Lime Seal is applied as the top coat. This remains semi breathable and some of the Lime Prime qualities are able to remain in effect. Moisture vapor can pass through to some extent but if it rains or you sprayed the wall with a hose the coated surface would remain protected and fairly dry. If a small amount of  moisture vapors were trapped inside the wall cavity, they have a good chance to pass through slowly without causing peeling or rot internally. Ideally, wall cavities and building frame would be sprayed with Lime Prime and properly ventilated before drywall is hung. PAINTING LIME PRIME OVER EXISTING PAINT: It is best to try a test area first to insure compatibility. Lime Prime coats latex paints well and we have not had any issues reported for this use. It bonds to some oil based paints but there are too many varieties to say it is safe to coat all oil based paints. Test first. Scuff the surface with sandpaper to provide tooth, wash with Earth Clean and apply a test area. Testing first will reveal if Lime Prime is compatible with the existing coating. Sometimes it takes a little extra consideration to find the best approach. 

Email Support or use the ASK EARTHPAINT tool for project specific advice.

LIMITATIONS: Do not use on Aluminum. Not a stain blocker for severe stains. Sample pints are recommended for testing in advance.

"Thanks for creating and selling Lime Prime! Was so helpful when a certain DIY "noob" (ahem) with limited mobility took on a very sudden quasi-remediation after several infamous hurricanes did some redecorating. With under a thousand dollars to work with (aka no professional help) and a complete inability to get close enough to scrub even just visible mold, I got a Graco and a five-gallon bucket from you guys and went to town. Several years later, I've been promoted to "Official Bob Vila Wanna-be," and preach to everyone I meet about Lime Prime. Thanks so much again for doing what you do to help us ALL keep doing what we do... for a whole lot longer than we might otherwise be able to. The Brightest of Blessings to you all! :) SB"