MOUNTAIN XT - Stain Base

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Mountain XT on timber frame entry



This is the best deck and siding stain made from natural Cashews and Oranges! Natural resistance to mold and UV radiation. Easy to work with and easy to maintain. Mountain XT is a high solids, sustainable, exterior wood finish used for the most demanding wood projects.

Mountain XT is selected when the highest performance is required but health cannot be sacrificed. Premium wood finishes in it's class often leave the user with tears running down their face, literally. Mountain XT is pleasant to use and makes finishing wood outside an enjoyable process with the best possible results.

The reason so many conventional deck stains have used toxic solvents and chemical biocides is that wood outside will mold very quickly without a way of stopping it. However, all the toxic fungicides and biocides we have tested and used over the past 3 decades are either straight up poison and are banned from use or they do not hold up to real life environments. After a year or so wood decay begins to return when chemical biocides start loosing their strength.

So we take a different approach. We remove the food sources for mold and utilize natures defenses. Cashew resin is one excellent defense and the other is zinc borate, which is an inorganic mineral combination. Inorganic (no carbon molecule) means that the sun and rain do not stop zinc borate from being zinc borate. We are highly selective with the grade of zinc borate that we use. It's a natural mineral that plants use, it's is not bad for the earth but we don't want any leaching for a specific reason. We select a grade that is not water soluble and can be firmly rooted with cashew resin into the wood fiber cell. 

Mountain XT cashew resin utilizes natures natural defenses against uv radiation and mold growth. No chemical biocides are needed. No benzene is needed. No Petrochemical solvents are needed! All we need is a heaping amount of zinc borate some good natural citrus and corn solvent and the worlds best exterior cashew resin. This makes maintenance a simple wash and recoat rather than the yearly "strip and stain" method. When the wood fiber cell is properly fortified it can withstand any climate on earth. 

USES: Deck Stain, Log Finish, Siding Stain, Boats, Exterior Furniture, Wood Trim, Timber Frames...

These pics cover a few of the project types that specify Mountain XT as the wood finish of choice. Whether it's a mountain top timber frame, hardwood wood deck, or cedar siding and trim on a Chapel, Mountain XT is a trusted wood finish that stands up over time.

The first pics are for high elevation mountain top timber frame. Clark & Leatherwood received the LEED Gold Level Certification. At the time that was the highest certification ever awarded by North Carolina Healthy Built Homes for this masterpiece in Timber Framing.

You can really see the interior finishes come alive in this feature from Timber Home Living. The home used Earthpaint finishes throughout and never smelled like toxic wood finish so common to new wood homes. Outside, Mountain XT is used on the exterior timbers and a very large ipe deck. Inside, is a beautiful showcase of Bio Poly on all the timbers. The heart pine floors have Bio Poly buffed to bring out the grain and a couple coats of NanoTech Clear 00 mopped on them. Not all of our customers promote their homes so graciously but this one is special since it achieved a previously unattainable LEED Gold Level Certification. It's important people know that being healthy and sustainable doesn't always have to mean compromising quality and performance. 

timber frame before wood finish

XT on leed gold timber frame

Mountain XT on timber frame

 Locust mold algae before xt

locust after Mountain XT clear finish

Cedar Chapel before XT in harsh sun

Warren Wilson chapel mountain xt brown cedar

cedar chapel after 6 years

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: Smooth or New Wood: 400 to 750 Sft / Gallon (Add 1 quart Citrus or Corn Solvent per gallon) Rough or Weathered Wood: 200-400 Sft / Gallon

Test a sample pint for the most accurate measurement.

DILUTION: (optional) 4:1. Add 1 quart of Citrus or Corn Solvent to 1 gallon of Mountain XT. This is necessary on new, smooth and particularly dense woods. Rough and weathered woods that are dry and thirsty for finish will absorb Mountain XT without the need for dilution. Sample pints are the best way to see how your wood behaves. PREP: Lime Clean - (Rough sanding as needed- 35-50 grit typical on decks) APPLICATION: Brush, roll or spray.  CLEAN UP: Earth Clean and water.  REGULAR CLEANING: Biannual wash with Earth Clean. MAINTENANCE: Recoat as needed.  Mountain XT Stain Base vs Mountain XT Clear 00: Mountain XT - Stain Base is used to stain exterior wood. It is a different formula than Mountain XT Clear 00 which is a clear top coat. If you are topcoating or using as a film forming finish then Mountain XT Clear 00 is the best choice. If you want a stain then the Mountain XT Stain Base is the best choice. 

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