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best deck stain locust clear natural non toxic Our best clear top coat for exterior wood.  A Natural Exterior Wood Finish. 100% Clear, untinted. Derived from Cashews and Oranges.

One coat saturates wood fibers creating a flat sheen. Two or more coats will create a hard, durable, waterproof film. The film will prevent greying as long as it is maintained.

Significantly improves longevity of exterior wood finish.

Typically, Mountain XT Clear 00 is applied over Rainforest Sealer. It provides a hard, durable protective layer that can be maintained indefinitely. It stops wood from turning grey. It resists mold / mildew growth better than anything else we have ever seen. This is the best top coat for exterior wood. It is the cherry on top for The Clear 00 System.

USES: Deck Stain, Log Finish, Siding Stain, Boats, Exterior Furniture, Wood Trim, Timber Frames...


Smooth or New Wood: 400 to 700 Sft / Gallon (Add 1 quart Citrus or Corn Solvent per gallon)

Rough or Weathered Wood: 300-400 Sft / Gallon

DILUTION: (optional) 4:1. Add 1 quart of Citrus or Corn Solvent to 1 gallon of Mountain XT Clear 00. Corn Solvent will help speed dry time.  PREP: 1. Lime Clean - 2. Rough sanding as needed- 35-50 grit typical on decks, 50-80 grit on logs and siding. - 3. Rainforest Sealer is applied as the first coat to condition the wood and provide a high density flexible tether for the Mountain XT Clear 00 film to adhere to. [If applying over an existing finish other than Rainforest Sealer or Mountain XT Clear 00, wash with Lime Clean or Earth Clean before coating and insure the existing coating is sound.] APPLICATION: Brush, roll or spray in multiple thin coats. CLEAN UP: Earth Clean and water.  REGULAR CLEANING: Biannual wash with Earth Clean. MAINTENANCE: Recoat as needed by brushing or rolling a bolstering coat of Mountain XT Clear 00. In high sun this is within 6 months. In low sun this is after 12 months and then yearly after that. 

LONG TERM MAINTENANCE OF EXTERIOR WOOD: Wash twice a year with Earth Clean. Rinse with a hose or pressure washer. Recoat as needed. The biggest factor in maintenance is UV / IR radiation exposure from the sun. This product reflects UV / IR radiation back out to space and thus acts as a sacrificial barrier to the suns harsh exposure. Depending on how much weather the wood gets, apply a bolstering coat after 6-12 months to maintain film integrity. The product will likely look very good at this time but it is best to bolster the film before it has a chance to weather. If proper prep and application is done, all future coats will be a clear bolstering coat of Mountain XT Clear 00. This can be done indefinitely to maintain beautiful wood grain illumination of exterior wood.

Mountain XT Stain Base vs Mountain XT Clear 00:  These are two different products with two different formulas. One is a stain. The other is a top coat. If you are topcoating then Mountain XT Clear 00 is the best. If you want a penetrating stain then Mountain XT Stain Base is the better choice.

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