MOUNTAIN - Cashew Resin Lacquer

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USES: Floor Finish, Wood Trim, Furniture Finish, Boats, Doors, Concrete Floors, natural polyurethane replacement hardwood floor finishWooden Instruments...

MOUNTAIN - is a marine grade, super durable Wood Finish. It is a unique technology that does not use any isocyanates; not at any point in its manufacture. This is more rare than a white rhino, especially for a finish of this strength and gloss. Mountain is derived primarily from Cashews and contains zero polyurethane. We consider it the only 100% natural urethane.

Lots of polyurethane is made from natural feedstocks. That's nothing new. But delve further into the manufacturing process and we find these are almost always mixed with toxic petrochemicals and reacted with isocyanates. We believe this poisonous ingredient cannot be overlooked or taken lightly, yet the public is directed to "VOC" while isocyanates lurk in the background quietly. This is why we invented Mountain. To prove that there is a way to make a super durable floor finish that doesn't require isocyanate use at any point during it's manufacture.

Natural Wood Floor Finish - Before

Chestnut Wood Floor Before and After. Photo Courtesy Eric at Eco-Finishing 

Mountain on Heart Pine Floor, high traffic, sandy area. 

 Mountain on Warren Wilson College's "Bryson Gym". Old growth Maple flooring. 

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: Figure 600-800 Sft / gallon on most hardwoods. Less on soft woods. Apply 3 coats medium traffic. 4 coats high traffic. 5 coats for industrial use.

APPLICATIONMop, wipe, buff or roll on thin coats, every 24-48 hours, lightly sand in between coats with 150 grit to dull the surface. Use a clean foam, 3/16" or 1/4" roller nap to apply. Rags without lint and debris can be used for wiping or buffing. Fine natural bristle brushes, like badger hair or a fine china bristle work best for brushing. Do not allow to puddle at the end of the wall or section. Apply with the wood grain direction.

AS A RUBBING OIL:  Mountain has excellent water and stain resistance which makes it appealing as a high quality rubbing oil when buffed into the surface. Multiple coats can create a beautiful illuminated surface sheen. A fine sanding schedule can further increase chatoyance.

APPLICATION CLEAN UP: 10% Earth Clean and water. [Tip: 3 bucket rinse. 1 dirty, 2nd rinse, 3rd rinse clean. Smash brush up and down to clean the heel. Hang to dry, wrapped with cloth to hold shape. ]

DILUTION: Dilute 3:1: For example; Add 3 gallons of Mountain to 1 gallon of Pure Citrus Solvent or Corn Solvent. This will make the perfect consistency for rolling. Don't roll undiluted Mountain. It's fine to mop on undiluted Mountain as long as it is mopped on in THIN coats.

DRY TIME: Drying time varies greatly based on climate and surface being coated. Open windows and turn on fans to allow fresh air into the room BEFORE coating the room. If humidity level is high mountain will take longer to dry. If no air is circulating Mountain will take longer to dry. Keep warm, dry air circulating and you should be able to reapply after an overnight dry.

MAINTENANCE RECOATMountain needs to be sanded very well, completely deglossed, when applying maintenance coats on top of an already cured and hardened floor. This does not apply to a floor that has only been drying for a few days. But Mountain rapidly gains hardness after a week.

DAILY WASHING: Allow two weeks to cure before cleaning with Earth Clean. Buff with a dry towel to increase clarity.