Email us directly at the above address. This is the best way to contact us initially. 

2.) SUPPORT CENTER: Searchable FAQ's and answers to common questions. 

3.) ASK EARTHPAINT: Have you seen our Ask Earthpaint disqus forum? Fast, project specific advice. Each project is addressed on a case by case basis. There are hundreds of real life finishing scenarios that can be searched and perused. Or you can submit the details on your project and receive professional Earthpaint advice.

 4.) Prefer Phone Service?


Our goal is to insure each project is given proper consideration and accurate, customized advice. Email or the first two links are the best way to begin getting professional advice for each project. Even our long term customers have grown to appreciate the effectiveness of this written and oral system.

Technical advice is best started through Support or Ask Earthpaint because it can be printed and reviewed on the job, as needed. Technical service via phone is offered as needed but is best reserved for projects in process or after the basics are covered through email and a review of the pertinent web pages.