Expedited shipping methods must be checked in advance through our Support or Contact Us pages before being placed. 

Time to Ship:

  1. Orders typically ship within 24 hours. Specifically - Orders in by 11 am will ship the next business day. Exceptions or rush orders must be checked in advance through Support or Contact Us pages.
  2. Our factories are closed during holidays and weekends.
  3. Orders placed during weekends and holidays are filled on a "first come-first serve basis". 

Partial Delivery

  1. Some products ship in multiple packages.
  2. We have three facilities where we make our products. Each facility specializes in specific technologies. Due to this, some orders ship from separate locations. If you have received a partial shipment it is likely because of these reasons. The remainder of your order should arrive in a day or two. If it is longer than that please contact us through our SUPPORT portal.

Packaging Specifics

  1. Final Shipping method / carrier must be determined by our shipping department. Pricing determined online will be honored although we may use a different carrier as needed. We must adhere to shipping regulations and internal shipping protocols. 
  2. Gallons and Fives typically ship via Fed Ex. (These ship separately from the colorant for safety, customization and return purposes.)
  3. Most gallons ship two to a box.
  4. Pints always ship pre-tinted.
  5. Colorant Containers and Pints always ship via USPS.  

International Shipping 

  1. Our shipping department is experienced shipping products anywhere in the world. 
  2. Canada is a common shipping destination and is accommodated at checkout.
  3. We also ship to Hawaii regularly and is a destination accommodated at checkout.
  4. Many other islands have Earthpaint delivered however, a courier service is usually employed to assist in the delivery. We ship to the courier and then they ship it to you, assisting with customs and such. 
  5. Shipping brokers are sometimes helpful to get larger orders delivered to other countries.

 Expedited Shipping

  1. Expedited shipping methods must be checked in advance through our Support portal before being placed.
  2. We will check to insure that your money is well spent. Often refunds are issued if we find a less expensive method.
  3. We will need to know: Desired ship method, exact items, quantity and the town they are shipping to.
  4. Some items cannot be expedited.
  5. This does not apply to Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Home Delivery.

More info...Expedited Shipping: We require 24 hours to get an order packed and to the carrier. The carrier does not count the day the package is given to them in their delivery estimate. We often accommodate those in a time crunch by getting the order to the shipper in less than 24 hours but we can't guarantee that because orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis. Orders placed by 11am ship the next business day. However, if our shipping department discovers that an order will arrive at the same time using regular Fed Ex Ground or Home Delivery methods we will default to those methods. The customer account will then be credited for the shipping difference.