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d-limonene renewable citrus solvent non toxicPure Citrus Solvent - 100% natural, renewable. Fruit tree derived solvent made from citrus peels.

Typical Dilution: Add one pint per gallon for dense unweathered woods. Up to two pints per gallon can be added for woods that are very dense such as exotic hardwoods, redwood and such. This will make the product go farther and help nourish the wood at a deeper level. 

  • Add solvent to oil based wood finishes only (Not for Water Based coatings).
  • Dilution is only necessary for new wood or wood types that are not porous.
  • Rough wood and weathered wood generally absorb wood finish without dilution.
  • Adding some Pure Citrus Solvent to our natural wood finishes helps it to penetrate deeper into the wood.
  • Brush it in and let is soak in. Little to no wiping off excess is necessary when the product is properly diluted. 
  • Adding a little solvent when staining can help make colors deeper. 
  • Rainforest Sealer, Bio Poly Natural, Mountain, Mountain XT Stain Base all accept Pure Citrus Solvent. 

Pure Citrus Solvent is a great solvent that is FDA GRAS. Our product is made for diluting oil based coatings, industrial degreasing and cleaning up oil. There are other products that use this solvent and many are diluted with low cost petrochemical fillers.


Earthpaint Pure Citrus Solvent is pure and undiluted. No Petrochemical fillers are added. It is pure. Everything in the can came from a citrus tree.