Best Deck Stain for exotic hardwood decks. Mahogany, Ipe, Tigerwood, Camaru, Garapa, Locust...


Suggested approach:


Best Deck Stain System for High Sun Areas

  1. Lime Clean
  2. Sand 35-50 Grit
  3. Rainforest Sealer- Brown Cedar, Cinnamon Stick or Espresso (or color of your choice.)

Best Deck Stain System for Hardwoods in High Mold Areas

  1. Lime Clean
  2. Sand 35-50 Grit
  3. Rainforest Sealer Clear 00 (or color of your choice)
  4. Mountain XT Clear 00 x 2 coats. (optional)


DILUTION: Dilute first coat 1 quart per gallon with Pure Citrus Solvent or Corn Solvent for even absorption on less porous woods.

Less porous woods include: New Wood, Cedar, Redwood, Hardwoods or any woods that are not significantly weathered.



Colors: We recommend colors that closely match these woods for longevity. Brown Cedar, Fawn, Cinnamon Stick for exotics and Honey or Light Cedar for Locust.  


Instructions are on the back label. For more information see our Deck Stain page. 

Sample pints are recommended to test color and preference.