Info about how to finish exterior wood in high sun areas.

In most cases ONE coat of stain is applied in high sun areas. Some colors are cooler to touch than other colors. The lighter colors tend to be cooler and reflect more UV/IR radiation back out to space. The darker colors are excellent at blocking UV but absorb IR radiation which results in a higher surface temperature. The Clear 00 System reflects a lot of UV and IR radiation. This 3 coat system can be used in high sun areas if regular clear coats are applied to bolster and maintain it. 

Basic One Coat Exterior Stain for High Sun Areas:

  1. Lime Clean
  2. Sand 35-50 grit
  3. Rainforest Sealer or Mountain XT- Tint Base

Maintenance: Biannual washing with Earth Clean is recommended.

Re-coating: Wash with Earth Clean and Brush or Roll a diluted coat of the same stain used initially. 

Diluting: Pure Citrus Solvent or Corn Solvent. More info...Dilution

Considering The Clear 00 System in High Sun:  Wood in harsh sun will grey quickly, especially the horizontal floor and top rail. It's fine to apply one coat of stain in high sun areas but a deeper color tone is recommended to block UV and IR radiation. This deeper color tone will also cover some of the wood grain and on some real nice wood types that is not desirable. If you have a mahogany deck and you want to let it shine, this is where The Clear 00 System comes in.

Maintaining The Clear 00 System in High Sun: To illuminate the beauty of wood grain and prevent graying then The Clear 00 System is an excellent option. It's a 3 coat system and Maintenance is simple - Just roll out a protective Mountain XT Clear 00 coat as needed. So it's more work at the outset but then easier maintenance. Very harsh sun areas require a bolstering coat within 6 months and usually every year after that. Whereas, lower sun areas don't need as much maintenance. If you want the clear and natural look without the graying effect of the sun The Clear 00 System could be the way to go provided the clear coats can be rolled out as needed. If this maintenance can't be done or if the deep wood grain illumination is not a vital aspect then one coat of stain is a great way to go.


Non Greying Approach for High Sun Areas:

  1. Lime Clean
  2. Sand 35-50 grit
  3. Rainforest Sealer Clear 00 (diluted one quart per gallon with Citrus or Corn Solvent)
  4. and then two coats of Mountain XT Clear 00
  5. Clear 00 bolstering coat within 6 months,  maintenance clear coats as needed thereafter.

Cleaning: Biannual washing with Earth Clean is recommended.

Recoating The Clear 00 System: Earth Clean and Brush or Roll a coat of Mountain XT Clear 00.

Diluting: Usually only necessary on the first coat.