Mountain XT Clear 00 Topcoat Information

Vertical Surfaces: For the best, longest lasting exterior wood finish apply a clear top coat of Mountain XT over your Rainforest Sealer stain. Apply Mountain XT Clear 00 on vertical surfaces (siding / rails) and leave the horizontal surfaces (decks / floors) with one penetrating stain coat of Mountain XT or Rainforest Sealer.

Apply Mountain XT clear 00 over the Rainforest stain, until the wood fibers are completely covered. This is a super long lasting wood finish that resists greying and black mold stains better than anything we have seen. With this hard, weather barrier film your wood will stay dry and safe. You will be able to wash the surface down with a hose every spring and keep your home looking great year after year.

Bolstering a Mountain XT Clear 00 Top Coat: Optional. It can be helpful to come back after the first 12-24 months and brush on another coat of Clear 00. Although the wood may look perfect at this point it is a good time to bolster the coating. Wood that is freshly coated tends to settle into its new coating. It dries out slowly and condenses firmly into it's new fully encased protected state. At this point it is good to give it a fresh coat to bolster the outer barrier and really seal the wood. This reduces prep in the long run and increases the overall longevity of the the Clear 00 topcoat. Washing the surface and brushing on a topcoat goes very fast and uses a relatively small amount of product. We have regularly gotten over 700 sft / gallon when bolstering a Clear 00 Top coat. By doing this the overall maintenance is reduced. .

Cimate Regions: High moisture, mold and mildew climates do best with a darker stain and a Clear 00 top coat. Mountain XT has proven itself through intense heat, cold, snow and ice. A top coat of Clear 00 is not recommended for desert conditions where high intensity sunlight persists relentlessly (although sometimes this is chosen when the intention is to roll out clear coats as needed. The reasoning is that the depth, clarity and natural appearance provided by Mountain XT Clear 00 is preferred over a stain and the rolling out of clear coats is not a cumbersome amount of maintenance). A single penetrating coat of Mountain XT Stain with a darker stain color does well in these climates and requires less maintenance.