Floor Finish T-Bar - 12"

$ 14.99

This T-Bar is the best 12" floor finish tool. Easy to use, fast, washes easy, reusable; applies a smooth even finish. It has a swivel and a beveled edge making cutting in corners a lot easier. Throw a towel under it and use it with Earth Clean to wash floors easily. 

USE TO APPLY: Easy Safe 1K, NanoTech, Aqualine Satin, Bio Poly Natural, Rainforest Sealer or Mountain.

BEVELED EDGE: Get close to corners without making a mess!T-Bar floor finish applicator
This mop provides a fast, professional method of getting a very smooth even floor finish.

STAINING: Can be used to apply water and oil based stains. When staining always insure the finish is worked into the wood, fully penetrating the surface and no film is left above the surface. 

EXTERIOR: Test before using on exteriors. Some surfaces are too rough or uneven.

PREP: Rinse out well before use to remove any dust, hairs or loose fibers. To rinse and clean: Use either solvent or water depending on what coating is being used. For instance, NanoTech is water based so we would rinse the pad well with water and squeeze dry with a towel before use. For oil based coatings such as Bio Poly Natural or Mountain, we use Pure Citrus Solvent for rinsing and cleaning the pad. This rule applies to all floor finish pads. All floor finish pads require a "break in" period. Usually, the first coat is sufficient to achieve this but we give it a good washing and drying when done to insure it's nicely broken in.