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Mold Remediation Projects | Mold Clean Up Jobs

  • Contains EPA Registered Fungistatic Agent to protect the wet and dry film.
  • Coating will resist deterioration by mold fungus, mildew.
  • Provides a tough, washable, waterproof seal.
  • Stable in shaded wet climates & harsh uv / ir radiation, sunlight.
  • Spread Rate Over Lime Prime: Approx. 250-300 sq ft per gallon
  • Spread Rate Smooth Surfaces: Approx. 300-400 sq ft per gallon

Lime Prime and Lime Seal are the best paints to finish the toughest mold abatement projects. They are also safe to paint in a home which has led to many families choosing this combination. Lime Seal is engineered to work in synergy with Lime Prime. Lime Seal stops water from penetrating and provides a very tough, scrubbable surface. Lime Prime is a strong base with good tooth for Lime Seal to bite into.

USES: Flood Damage Projects, Mold Remediation Projects, Schools, Medical Facilities, Food Processing Facilities, New Home Construction, Repainting Existing Structures.

Choose 24 Colors or Tint Locally: The most common colors are offered here. However, if you want a different color the Bright White can be tinted locally. It works well to tint to most pastel and mid base colors. Deep base colors don't come out as accurately. The lighter to mid tones do tint well and are usually very close. Just tell the paint store sales person to "Tint as a Pastel Base". 

MAINTENANCE: For a strong cleaner use Earth Clean. This helps clean & remove mold, algae, dirt and smudges, even heavy grease. Larger facilities tend to use mops to clean the walls (usually once a year). Food prep areas wash as needed.Lime Seal non toxic flood mold paint

Lime Seal is an outstanding house paint inside and out, walls, trim and siding. If you're looking for a good paint with extra mold resistance that holds up then this is it.

Sample pints are recommended for creating a completed sample in advance.


Click on the color chart above to open a larger image. The first Color Chart is an exterior natural light chart using grey sides to show the contrast index. The second chart uses interior lighting which imparts color to interior paint.

ZERO VOC COLORANT: Earthpaint has been at the forefront of zero voc colorants since our inception. The colors used to tint our paint are the safest, lowest odor, zero voc colorants we know of. The colors we use are mostly earth oxides.

NOTE ON COLORS & MIXING: Pints come pretinted. For Gallons and Fives the Colorant Containers are shipped separately. These are easily mixed into the product. The easiest way to do this is with a paint mixer attachment on a drill. These mixers are usually only a few dollars and available at any local hardware store. Colors can be stirred in with a stirrer stick but that will take longer. Some people prefer hand mixers or hand mixer beaters for mixing pint containers and smaller volumes.

TINTING LOCALLY: Product can be taken to a local paint store and tinted, as desired. It can be custom tinted using any of our Colorant Containers. It can also be taken to a local paint store and tinted to a custom color. If tinted locally simply tell them to "Please, Tint as Pastel Base". This will give them the info they need to tint it and it will give you a fairly close color match to whatever pastel base or medium base color you choose. Darker colors will not be as accurate and we don't currently offer an ultra deep base for tinting the darker toned colors.

PRIMER: Lime Prime is usually the best primer to use under this paint for both exterior and interior purposes. Use Lime Prime - Primer Grey when deep tones are to be used as a top coat. For special situations check the Ask Earthpaint tool or email. 

Technical Data Sheet



Over Lime Prime, Raw Wood, or Drywall: 250-300 sft / gal

2nd Coat, or Repainting Smooth Surfaces: 300-400 sft / gal

Rough or Porous Surfaces: Porous, textured surfaces like Pitted Metal, Concrete Block or Popcorn Ceilings we figure 150-200 sft / gal

Spraying: Figure enough product to fill the pump and spray lines (typically a half gallon) as well as waste from spraying dry fall (paint that lands as dust and overspray). 

SPREAD RATE BACKGROUND: The above estimates are based on experience. Theoretically, any coating rolled at a thickness of 4 mil will cover approximately 401.0 square feet per US Gallon. The roller nap, brush size, spray nozzle size and the person applying the coating will dramatically affect the spread rate of a coating. In general when coating a very porous surface 50% of the spread rate is deducted. When spraying a coating 10% of the spread rate is deducted for spray waste falling to the floor. Usually, an extra half gallon of product is required for the spray pump and the spray lines to work with. Some of this is lost when the sprayer is flushed cleaned.