Sample Pints are recommended for testing before applying to entire surface.


DO apply multiple coats of Mountain XT Clear 00:

Over properly prepared surfaces (Lime Clean and Sanding)

Over weathered wood.

Over Rainforest Sealer as the base coat.

Over woods in Low to medium sun areas. 

Over Hardwoods, Exotic Hardwoods, Locust, Mahogany...

Over Cedar, Redwood, Spruce, Fir and similar woods.

Over Pine Logs.


DON'T apply MORE THAN ONE COAT of Mountain XT Clear 00:

Over surfaces that have not been sanded or Lime Cleaned.

Over unweathered wood.

Over itself unless on shaded hardwoods (Rainforest Sealer is the best base coat).

Over horizontal PRESSURE TREATED deck surfaces. (Weathered vertical P.T. Rails are ok.)

Over horizontal surfaces in high sun areas without planning on doing regular clear coats for maintenance. *More info about coating wood in high sun areas...