Floor Finish - Trim | Deck | Floor Pad - 6"

$ 14.99

Great for applying finish to Trim, Decks and Floors. Fast and easy way to apply a uniform coating.

This is a great 6" floor finish mop that works well for quickly applying NanoTech, Aqualine Satin or Mountain on trim and floors. Can also be used to apply stain using Bio Poly NT, Rainforest Sealer or Mountain XT.  

EXTERIOR USE: For exterior decks, trim and siding it is best to use on smooth or semi smooth surfaces. Rough surfaces may harm the pad. Brushes work better on rough surfaces.

STAINING: On decks and siding we brush or roll the product onto the surface evenly and then work into the wood with the pad, leaving little to no product on the surface of the wood; thus "staining" the wood fiber cell and not leaving a film on the surface.

Mountain XT Clear 00: Use the pad to apply a thin even coat.

PREP: Rinse out well before use to remove any dust, hairs or loose fibers. To rinse use either solvent or water depending on what coating is being used. For instance, NanoTech is water based so we would rinse the pad well with water and squeeze dry with a towel before use. For oil based coatings such as Bio Poly Natural or Mountain, we use Pure Citrus Solvent for rinsing and cleaning the pad. This rule applies to all floor finish pads. All floor finish pads require a "break in" period. Usually, the first coat is sufficient to achieve this.