$ 31.25

USES: Interior Wood: Raw Wood Cribs, Kids Toys, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Utensils.

Limitations: For raw wood. Not for painted Cribs or coated surfaces. (Many Mom's have enjoyed using NanoTech or Lime Seal to seal and encapsulate previously painted crib Surfaces. *We always recommend testing in advance to be sure it feels right for each project) 

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 60-150 sft / Pint. (One pint is typically enough to do a crib.

Baby Safe Crib Finish mainBaby Safe is the best way to finish a wood crib. It is made in small boutique batches in Asheville, NC specifically so babies can have a pure wood finish to start the early years. No petrochmemical solvents or toxic additives. Just purified Beeswax and a specially filtered and refined flax oil (linseed). It has extremely low odor.

CLEAN UP: Earth Clean and water. 

REGULAR CLEANING: Earth Clean and water. 


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