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USES: Floors | Wood | Tables | Bar Tops | Counter Tops | Boats | Cabinets

The best Professional Grade Floor Finish.  40 g/l VOC, Low Odor, Fast Dry. Very Hard and Scuff Resistant. Impermeable to water. Safe for homes. Tough enough for industrial uses.

Does not require a toxic isocyanate cross-linker to be mixed on site like other high performance floor coatings. Yet, Easy Safe 1k is the most advanced finish of it's kind. We see projects finished in two or three coats what often would have taken 4-6 coats with conventional polyurethanes.

Recommended for floor finishers who want the best finish without the toxicity. Many water based finishes can leave a pale tone on some woods. Easy Safe can be a great way to deepen wood hues similar to oil based wood tones, but without excess darkening. It is clear and non yellowing. No toxic odors are left lingering for months or years. With one product floor finishers are able to apply 2 or 3 coats fast, and get a great looking finish that lasts. 

Compared to conventional polyurethane, Easy Safe 1k is more advanced yet doesn't contain the toxicity profile of a 2k polyurethane floor finish. We like to apply it with one of our T-Bars. These mop on a nice even film, quickly.  Application goes fast and dries with near imperceptible amount of odor. (odor is subjective, the odor is amazingly low compared to any floor finish this author has come across but everyone should decide this for themselves.) We recommend sample pints for creating completed sample boards in advance. This way everyone knows exactly what to expect and things tend to flow smoothly.

A few coats mopped on a wood floor leaves a beautiful, permanent protective film with very high performance. Dry time can be as fast as a few hours with the longest being an overnight dry ( Ex. scenario: applied during a rain storm, with no air circulating and with an extra heavy coat applied to build a thicker film, an overnight dry will likely be needed. If applied with some fresh air flow, a second coat is often applied towards end of day). Easy Safe 1k is a great way to get a smooth, hard, non toxic floor finish that is gorgeous! Crystal clear wood grain illumination with the best gloss we have ever seen in a water based coating.

Easy Safe is the hardest, strongest, lowest odor, low VOC, 1 part, gloss floor finish ever made! Safely replaces 2 part floor finish and does it with ease! This is the state of the art in coatings; a good build, practically no odor, as good or better than premium floor finishes, very low VOC and safe to use in homes and businesses. It is highly scuff resistant and endures heavy traffic.

VOC: At 40 g/L VOC it can't be beat!

STAIN: Easy Safe 1k comes in clear. It will provide an excellent clear coat over most water  based stains ( but test first if it's not one of ours). 

BioPoly Natural is on of our best floor stains. It is an oil based tree resin wood finish. Easy Safe is not engineered for coating oils. Staining wood with BioPoly requires 24-48 hour dry time and an intermediary bonding coat of NanoTech Clear 00. Easy Safe 1k is then applied one or two coats as the final clear coats. This creates a very deep, rich wood stain. Grain illumination and clarity is excellent.

NanoTech is also a great wood stain, particularly for certain bright tones or for deeper tones. It also dries fast so if staining and clear coating need to be done in a day, the NanoTech may be a good choice for staining. Staining is an artistic endeavor requiring practice. Figure extra time for staining and plan to Clear Coat the Stain.

Easy Safe is quite capable of bringing out the depths and beauty of figured wood grains when applied clear, so stain is not required.

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 1st coat, on raw wood 300-400 sq ft / gallon. In general, try to apply at a rate of approximately 400 sq ft / gallon. Product can be applied abnormally thick without wrinkling like conventional polyurethane. It is best to practice this beforehand.

MULTIPLE CLEAR COATS: Stain is generally clear coated. 2 coats for Builder grade.  3 coats for Custom Homes. 4 coats for Restaurants (with an occasional maintenance coat for high traffic areas, done overnight). 5 coats for Gym Floors and wet Marine Applications. 

SLIP / SCUFF: MFMA COF Compliant. Meets slip requirements for wood floors. Excellent Black Heel Mark resistance and Scuff resistance.

CHEMICAL: Excellent chemical resistance.

FLOOR STAIN: Easy Safe Floor Finish is clear wood finish. It is beautiful applied clear and enhances wood grain more than is typical for water based coatings. It is also excellent when used over floor stain. Easy Safe 1K works best applied over NanoTech stain. It also works well over Bio Poly Natural but NanoTech Clear 00 must be applied first, over the stain. (Do not apply Easy Safe over oils.)

By using NanoTech as the floor stain there is very little waiting period and excellent inter-coat adhesion is achieved quickly, however there is value to having an oil based stain like Bio Poly, since it is easier to work with. Just be sure to apply Nanotech over any Bio Poly Stains and then Easy Safe 1k Floor Finish. 

APPLICATION: We recommend mopping it on with one of our T-bars or Floor Finish Applicator Pads. 

CABINETS / SPRAYING: Can be sprayed following instructions on the Technical Data Sheet.

SHEEN: Hard Durable Gloss.

This is the best gloss finish we have ever seen from a water based coating. When maximum durability is desired, using this hard gloss is the best way to go. The film remains crystal clear and the wood grain illumination is fantastic.

CHATOYANCE: The chatoyance effect of this product is comparable to Mountain yet it is lower voc and cleans up with water with practically no odor. These qualities are unheard of in a water based coating until now. Some of these traits are a result of the exceptional gloss and clarity of the finish. Great care is used during manufacture to maintain this clarity. Easy Safe is gorgeous and clear even when forming thicker films such as gym floors or table tops, which can sometimes come out muddy looking when lower quality products are used.

DRY TIME: 2-4 hours typically. Industrial Return to Service: Low traffic in 8-16 hours. Regular traffic 12-24 hours. Hardness continues to gain >7 days.

CLEAN UP: Water.

HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANER: Earth Clean and water. 

CONSIDERATIONS FOR THOSE WITH CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES: Sample pints are recommended for creating a completed (3-4 coats) sample board or floor area for the customer to sign off on before the job is commenced. 

Some people are susceptible to odors and dust that can be generated when floors are finished. Using a good low voc floor finish like Easy Safe is essential but dust from sanding and odors released from existing surfaces also need to be addressed. It is helpful to wipe down all the surfaces and give a 24-48 hour fresh air cross ventilation; drawing fresh air in one end of the building and blowing dust and odors out the other end. 

When people are chemically sensitive it can be difficult to deal with construction dusts, debris and lingering odors that may not be noticed by those who are not sensitive. It's best to wipe down all surfaces and flush fresh air through the building after clean up is done, before leaving the job. This kind act isn't always something the person with sensitivities can do themselves but is much appreciated! 

SUMMARY: This is the state of the art in 1k acrylic polyurethane floor finishes. It is a remarkable coating with many unique characteristics. It can be applied thick and dries to a perfectly smooth, hard film. It is not slippery. It has extremely low voc. The film is crystal clear and does not yellow. These are just some of the great features that we love about Easy Safe Floor Finish, but the fact that it is beautiful, safe and easy to use is definitely at the top of the list.